Ultimutt Pawfection Dog Grooming Services - Terms and Conditions

Recent Surgery

If your dog has recently been spayed, neutered or just had puppies, the groomer will assess the situation and decide whether it is a good idea to continue with the groom. There can be risks such as: infection of wound, stress related injuries etc. By signing this document you allow the groomer to proceed, and accept that we are not liable for any injurys developed/caused related to the stated above. 

Under no circumstances will the groomers at Ultimutt Pawfection groom a pregnant dog. 

Behaviour Policy 

At Ultimutt Pawfection, we want your pets grooming experience to be a stress-free and pleasant experience. However, it is important to realize that all dogs react differently to grooming procedures. If your pet does not respond well there may be an extra handling fee added to your regular grooming charge. This includes but is not limited to aggression and anxiety indicators such as growling, snarling, snapping, biting, frantic jumping, and flailing. In the event that the dog behaves in such a way that the groomer is unable to complete the groom, the groomer will stop the groom. You will be charged for the work that was completed on the groom.

Matted Dog Policy 

Dogs with matted coats will require extra attention. If the matting is minimal and the dog responds well, there will be no extra fee. However, if the matting is severe, the least painful and stressful way to remove the mats is by shaving the dog. In this case, there will be de-matting charged between £5-£10, which you will be informed of before the groom commences. There is a greater risk of nicking or scratching a matted dog during the grooming process. In addition, the skin may appear red, itchy and irritated due to the lack of oxygen reaching in and under the mats, Ultimutt Pawfection will not be held responsible for any injury sustained while grooming a matted dog, including any after effects. This includes, but is not limited to swelling, redness, itchiness and self-inflicted abrasions due to external rubbing. The groomer will inform you at the time of drop off if they believe the dog to be matted, what action they intend to take and any additional charges, however the extent of the matting may not become clear until the grooming process has already begun.

Customer Complaints 

If you are unhappy with anything related to your dog's grooming experience you must notify us within forty-eight (48) hours. We will do what we can to remedy the situation. However, if it turns out that there was some miscommunication between yourself and the groomers upon drop off related to the description of the groom, a compromise will be worked out by management and detailed notes will be added to your customer card as detailed by you, the customer, in order to avoid future incidents and ensure a more positive grooming experience for you and your pet.


Every effort will be taken to make sure your pet gets groomed as safely and carefully as possible. Although very infrequent, unfortunately, accidents DO happen. Dogs are licking, scratching, jumping, and overall wiggly creatures. Whereas dog grooming tools, by necessity, are sharp instruments. If there is a severe mishap, we will contact you immediately but will take the necessary measures to get your pet the medical attention he/she requires. Accidents occurring because of preexisting condition not disclosed to the groomer, or due to pet behavior characterized above in the Behavior Policy, will not be deemed the fault of the groomer and no compensation will be given, such as a refund or complementary groom, to remedy the issue. Ultimutt Pawfection will not be responsible for any costs related to accidents covered by this policy. You acknowledge that you, the owner, are responsible for the disclosure of any preexisting conditions which may affect the grooming of your pet.

Photo Release

As a business, we love to promote our services with images and videos of your dog being groomed. It usually consists of a before and after photo of your dog once their groom is finished. These photos are posted on Facebook (Ultimutt Pawfection) and occasionally instagram (ultimutt_pawfection) and other internet platforms. At no point will any personal details be given with the photo such as address etc.  

On attending the salon, you will be asked to sign a grooming release form containing the above information.  By completing and signing this form you will release Ultimutt Pawfection all liabilities for injuries to self, my dog, or any other property of mine which may arise from any services or products provided by Ultimutt Pawfection Grooming Services.