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Professional Dog Groomer and Owner of Ultimutt Pawfection dog grooming salon
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That's me!


That's me!

My name is Esme Myland and I am a qualified and fully insured, dog  groomer.

Additionally, I also make 100% natural, dog-safe fragranced wax melts that I use, and sell, in my salon.

Whilst in my care, I will ensure that, not only will your dog look and feel it's best, but I will treat your dog with the utmost respect and love.

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My salon


That's me!

I have recently moved into my new salon in Old Leake, Boston and I am based within Claws and Paws boarding kennels.  

There is parking next to the entrance door.

Booking can be made by telephone or online.

Level 3 Dog Grooming Qualifications
Dog First Aid Emergency Canine Care Certification
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Qualifications reassure my clients that I have the training and knowledge to carry out my role as a dog groomer and in the care I provide for your fur-babies.  Dog grooming encompasses being able to carry out basic health checks, identify parasites and signs of infection, bath, dry and style and all dogs to ‘breed standard’ or customer specification.

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When you live a busy life, it is hard to consistently provide the attention and care that your pets deserve and need.  Let us help with your pet's dog grooming needs.

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 As a professional dog groomer, your dog's welfare is paramount.  We provide a calm and relaxing environment for your dog. 

Dogs will never be left alone.

Ultimutt Pawfection's Dog grooming salon
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In the dog grooming salon, I work on a one-to-one basis to ensure a dog’s safety, security and wellbeing, unless a family, whereby we can keep the dogs securely and comfortable in large crates. 

Quality Pet Care

What is the purpose of a groom, other than to make a dog look pretty and smell great?

In general terms, a clean pet is a happy pet, physically and mentally resulting in better behaviour.

Dog grooming should be completed  on a regular basis to prevent a variety of issues which can lead to discomfort for your pet, aggressive behaviours and expensive vet bills!

Long hair will cause great discomfort and skin issues. Hair covering the dog's eyes can restrict vision, altering the pet’s capabilities and behaviour 

Matted Fur can be painful and cause many skin conditions. Severe matting restricts blood flow, pulling tightly on a pet’s skin. This can make even the simplest pat painful,. Matting can also restrict the natural body movement leading to deformity

Overgrown nails can be very painful. Long nails can grow into the pads on the paw which in turn can cause infection. Long nails can cause deformity to your dog's toes resulting in walking disfigurements

Double coating from irregular brushing leads to extra coating, causing your dog to suffer heat stress 

Fleas, ticks and mites are some of the most common parasites that can be fatal to your pet and they thrive on dirty and untreated bodies

Grass seeds can go undetected in your dog's fur leading to abscesses, or severe infection. They can also cause severe problems to your dog’s eyes

By allowing us to tend to your dog’s grooming needs, we can promote their mental and physical health

Benefits of pet grooming include: 

· A pet that looks and smells nice all the time

· Your dog will be free from discomfort and feel great which will have a positive impact on behaviours

· A reduced risk of eye, ear, skin, and nail infections, ensuring your pet is free from pain and disease!

· Easier vet checks as your pet will be more comfortable and used to being handled, especially around the face, feet and tail. Less stress for all involved!

· Increased sociability as grooming becomes a positive experience.

· Lower/reduced vet bills as regular grooming will prevent disease.